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Objectives of the Fairer Education NSW party

Fairer Education NSW is committed to:

  • Advocating for social justice and equity for all to ensure a fairer, productive and more cohesive, civil society
  • Influencing and monitoring the policies and strategies of government and departments to ensure transparency and democratic principles are maintained and to prioritise public education in NSW
  • Demanding that high quality, secular and public education is available to all students in NSW, from pre-school to higher education
  • Fighting for the fairer funding of all public schools according to the Schooling Resource Standard and public higher education including TAFEs, colleges and universities
  • Ensuring curriculum in NSW schools is evidence-based and developed by education experts in consultation with diverse communities
  • Demanding that all students, irrespective of their background, ability or location, are well supported to access the appropriate stage curriculum and learning, designed and delivered by fully qualified teachers
  • Consulting with all relevant public education stakeholders to support high quality programs that fully meet future educational and training needs
  • Promoting the profile, quality and achievements of public education in NSW.