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Who We Are

Fairer Education NSW is the creation of a management committee comprised of passionate educators, parents and community members who have dedicated a lifetime to public education in NSW. We provide a clear and rational voice on behalf of the broad public education communities across NSW.

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Fairer Education NSW has a vision for a first class public education system that is sufficiently and equitably resourced to meet the needs and aspirations of all students in NSW. Key figures of the committee have worked tirelessly for many decades to support the improvements to the public education system. Whilst there have been small wins and some triumphs in gaining recognition, resources and funding, our advocacy was not sufficient to prevent the gradual erosion of the integrity and reputation of public education in NSW today.

Neglect by successive governments has put at risk a strong, vibrant public education system. It is vital that we all work together to provide parliamentary advocacy to protect and enhance our public education and training networks. Whether it is our pre-schools, universities, TAFEs or your local public school, we need to apply a fair resourcing model for all. Only then will we be able to say that every student across NSW is getting the education they richly deserve.

Our hope and our aim is to win electoral support for Fairer Education NSW candidates to become active members of the Legislative Council of NSW, to provide an informed and dedicated voice in theNSW Parliament.

What we stand for

With the support of like-minded people, we are determined to increase confidence in the public education system in NSW and to persuade, often reluctant, governments to fairly allocate resources and develop policies that ensure equality of outcomes for all students.

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